Sealed With A Kiss (1962)

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Brian Hyland (born November 12, 1943 in Woodhaven, Queens, New York.)

Hyland studied guitar and clarinet as a child, and sang in his church choir. At the age of 14 he co-founded the harmony group the Delfis, which recorded a demo but failed to secure a recording contract.

Hyland's first and biggest hit was "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini", which he recorded at the age of 16. "Sealed With A Kiss" was his second-biggest hit.

Chart position: #3 (US), #3 (UK), #7 (UK 1975 reissue).

It was kept from the #1 spot in the US by "Roses Are Red (My Love)" (Bobby Vinton) at #1 and "The Wah Watusi" (Orlons) at #2.

In 1975 "Sealed With a Kiss" was reissued as a single in the UK and charted for a second time, reaching #7.

Written by:
Gary Geld (born October 18, 1935 in Paterson, New Jersey) and Peter Udell (born 1929 in Great Neck, New York).

Geld and Udell cofounded the Geld-Udell Music Corporation in 1959 and Geld-Udell Productions in 1962. The duo wrote and produced for Brian Hyland, as well as such singers as Connie Francis, Jackie Wilson, Gene Pitney and Skeeter Davis.

Other songs by Geld and Udell include "Hurting Each Other", "Ginny Come Lately", "Let Me Belong to You", "Save Your Heart for Me", "Warmed-Over Kisses", and "He Says the Same Things to Me".

Also by:
Gary Lewis & the Playboys, whose version reached #19 (US) in 1968. (It was their last Top 40 single.) Bobby Vinton's version also reached #19 (US) and as #2 (US Adult Contemporary) in 1972.

Originally by: The Four Voices.

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