Be My Baby (1963)

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The Ronettes, which consisted of Veronica Bennett (later known as Ronnie Spector, born August 10, 1943 in New York City); her sister, Estelle Bennett (born July 22, 1941, died of colon cancer February 11, 2009) and their cousin Nedra Talley (born January 27, 1946 in New York.)

In 2007 the Ronettes were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Producer Phil Spector (born Harvey Phillip Spector December 26, 1940 in The Bronx, New York) rehearsed "Be My Baby" with Ronnie for weeks before recording began. During recording it took 42 takes before Spector was satisfied.

"Be My Baby"
is arguably one of the greatest pop songs of all time. Critic Jason Ankeny wrote, "No less an authority than [Beach Boy] Brian Wilson has declared 'Be My Baby' the greatest pop record ever made — no arguments here." At that time, Wilson would listen to his 45 single of the song up to 100 times a day.

Wilson later said, "That's my all-time favorite song. When I first heard it in my car, I had to pull over to the side of the street to listen to it. It blew my mind."

The Beach Boys' "Don't Worry Baby" was written by Wilson with the hope that the Ronettes would record it as a follow-up. Spector rejected it, as he preferred to record only songs of his choosing.

As part of her divorce settlement with Phil Spector, Ronnie Spector is not allowed to perform "Be My Baby" on television.

In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked "Be My Baby" at #22 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The song's famous drum intro (played by Hal Blaine) has been replicated on a number of other songs.

Chart position: #2 (US), #4 (UK).

It was #2 in the US for 3 weeks in October 1963. It was kept from #1 by "Sugar Shack" (Jimmy Gilmore And The Fireballs.)

The Top Ten Songs:
October 12, 1963 (US Billboard Hot 100).
  1. "Sugar Shack" (Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs)
  2. "Be My Baby" (Ronettes)
  3. "Blue Velvet" (Bobby Vinton)
  4. "Cry Baby" (Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters)
  5. "Sally Go 'Round The Roses" (Jaynetts)
  6. "Busted" (Ray Charles)
  7. "My Boyfriend's Back (Angels)
  8. "Mean Woman Blues" (Roy Orbison)
  9. "(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave" (Martha and the Vandellas)
  10. "Donna The Prima Donna" (Dion)

Written by:
Jeff Barry (born Joel Adelberg April 3, 1938, in Brooklyn, New York,) Ellie Greenwich (born Eleanor Louise Greenwich October 23, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York), & Phil Spector.

The husband-and-wife team of Barry and Greenwich were one of the most successful songwriting duos of the 1960s, writing/co-writing such songs as "Baby I Love You", "Chapel Of Love", "Da Doo Ron Ron", "Do Wah Diddy Diddy", "Hanky Panky", "I Can Hear Music", "Leader of the Pack", "Maybe I Know", "Montego Bay", "Then He Kissed Me", "River Deep, Mountain High", and many more.

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