Dream Lover (1959)

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Bobby Darin (born Walden Robert Perciville Cassotto May 14, 1936, died December 20, 1973).

The name Darin (allegedly) came from when he walked by a Chinese restaurant called the "Mandarin Duck", only the sign's first three letters weren't lit, reading "Darin Duck". He thought that "Darin" looked good.

Darin was one of the most popular and versatile performers of the 1950s and 1960s, performing many genres, including pop, rock and roll, big band, jazz, folk, and country. He was an early example of what came to be known as the "singer/songwriter". Darin was also an Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actor.

He was a "Goodwill Ambassador" for the American Heart Association because of his lifelong rheumatic heart condition, from which he died, due to complications following a heart surgery, at the age of 37 in 1973.

Darin was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.

The same year "Dream Lover" was released, Darin won the Grammy award for Best New Artist.

Chart position: #2 (US), #1 (UK).

It was kept from #1 in the US the week of June 8, 1959 by "The Battle Of New Orleans" (Johnny Horton).

"Dream Lover" was his third and, at the time, biggest Top 10 hit in the US, and the first to reach #1 in the UK. The biggest selling single of 1959, however, was another song by Darin: "Mack The Knife".

Written by:
Bobby Darin.

Other songs written by Darin include "Wear My Ring", "Splish Splash", "Things", "18 Yellow Roses", "You're the Reason I'm Living", "If a Man Answers", "Simple Song of Freedom", "Somebody To Love", "That's the Way Love Is" and "Two of a Kind", which was a collaboration with lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

Also by:
Duffy Power (1959); Ben E. King (1962); Anne Murray (1974); The Manhattan Transfer with James Taylor (1995).

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