Dance, Dance, Dance (1964)

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The Beach Boys.

Formed in 1961 by Brian Wilson (born June 20, 1942 in Hawthorne, California); his brothers, Dennis Wilson (born December 4, 1944, died December 28, 1983) and Carl Wilson (born December 21, 1946, died February 6, 1998); their cousin Mike Love (born March 15, 1941 in Los Angeles, California), and friend Alan Jardine (born September 3, 1942 in Lima, Ohio.)

The Beach Boys are one the most influential groups in rock and pop music history, with 36 US Top 40 hits (including four #1 singles) and many million-selling albums.

"Dance, Dance, Dance" was released as a single in 1964, and later on their on their 1965 album The Beach Boys Today!. It featured a variety of instruments, including sleigh bells, triangle, tambourine, castanets, tenor and baritone saxophone, accordion, two bass guitars, and three guitars.

The 12-string electric guitar solo was performed by Glen Campbell.

The instrumental backing track was released on the 1993 box set Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys.

Chart position: #8 (US), #24 (UK).

The B-side was the ballad "The Warmth of the Sun".

The Top Ten Songs: December 19, 1964 (US Billboard Hot 100).
  1. "Come See About Me" (Supremes)
  2. "I Feel Fine" (Beatles)
  3. "Mr. Lonely" (Bobby Vinton)
  4. "She's Not There" (Zombies)
  5. "Ringo" (Lorne Greene)
  6. "Time Is On My Side" (Rolling Stones)
  7. "Goin' Out Of My Head" (Little Anthony and the Imperials)
  8. "Dance, Dance, Dance" (Beach Boys)
  9. "I'm Gonna Be Strong" (Gene Pitney)
  10. "You Really Got Me" (Kinks)

Written by:
Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, and Mike Love.

In November 1969, the Wilson brothers' father Murry Wilson sold the rights to the Beach Boys' songs to Irving Almo for approximately $700,000.

In April 1992, after Brian Wilson had won a lawsuit to recover many of the copyrights to his songs, Mike Love filed a lawsuit against him claiming that he hadn't been given credit and hadn't received royalties on ove 30 Beach Boys songs. The list included "Dance, Dance, Dance".

The song was originally credited to Brian and Carl, but Mike Love claimed that he helped write the lyrics. Love won the lawsuit and the credits were amended, ensuring future royalties on all songs he had claimed he had a hand in writing.

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