All I Have To Do Is Dream (1958)

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The Everly Brothers.

Don Everly (born Isaac Donald Everly February 1, 1937 in Brownie, Kentucky, a now-defunct coal-mining town) and Phil Everly (born January 19, 1939 in Chicago, Illinois).

The Everly Brothers were the sons of two Kentucky country musicians, Ike and Margaret Embry Everly, and were raised in Iowa. They performed with their parents on the radio and in live shows.

In 1954, RCA producer Chet Atkins (now recognized more as an influencial guitar legend) persuaded the Everly Brothers to move from Kentucky to Nashville. Once there, he became their adviser, sideman and friend.

Phil Everly said, "Chet Atkins was the reason we came to Nashville. He was always our mentor." Atkins played the prominent tremelo-drenched electric guitar on "All I Have to Do Is Dream", which was recorded in just two takes on March 6, 1958.

In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked "All I Have to Do Is Dream" at #141 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Chart position: #1 (US, 3 weeks), #1 (US Country), #1 (US R&B), #1 (UK).

It was the first record to hit #1 on all US singles charts simultaneously, on June 2, 1958. It was also the #1 Best Seller in Stores (4 weeks) and #1 Most Played by Jockeys (5 weeks) in May & June 1958.

The B-side was a song written by Roy Orbison, "Claudette" (#30 US, #1 UK).

Written by:
Felice Bryant (born August 7, 1925, died April 22, 2003) and Boudleaux Bryant (born February 13, 1920, died June 26, 1987).

Felice & Boudleaux Bryant came to national prominence in both country and pop music by writing a string of hugely successful songs for the Everly Brothers (which also included "Bye Bye, Love", "Wake Up, Little Susie", "Devoted To You"). They also wrote such songs as "Country Boy", "Raining In My Heart", "Love Hurts", and "Rocky Top" (which was adopted as one of the State songs of Tennessee in 1982). 

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